Back to Nature

Economic and social changes are the main reasons behind this future trend prediction. The roots of this trend can currently be seen in certain aspects of design yet it can be predicted that it will grow and become more of a lifestyle rather than a fad trend in the future. This trend forecast being ‘Back to Nature.’ Back to Nature summaries the idea that people are looking to live more environmentally friendly and more economically aware.

At the moment people are already moving towards this natural way of living. To begin with there has been a rise in eco products such as natural paints, and even a popularity in organic food and natural ingredients, down to the rise in assorted teas. This also links into the category of buying locally, where we have seen an increasing trend of people purchasing their food from local farms and companies rather than depending on the large supermarket chains.

In regards to design a number of innovative items have been created for more sustainable living. Plant air purifiers and green walls are examples of this. Product design is that is eco friendly is also becoming a factor on designers minds.

This trend will have a global impact as it develops over time. With the urban popularity increasing it can be predicted that rooftop allotments for independent living will rise and greener more natural interiors will be designed with nature in mind, as an escapism of urban life and a look towards a more environmentally aware future.

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Gentleman at Home

This trend prediction is based upon changes in society. It is all about the increasing rise of men spending more time at home. This is mostly down to the arrangement of the home and the roles that males and females had in the home. The study of gender has been one that has been studied in depth over the years. It was know for the women to stay at home and do all the housework whilst the men went out to work, but since the 1960s these roles have started to change dramatically. ‘husbands and wives have never before had such similar workloads’ (Davis 2011, p.46)  See figure one, below. It is this change, were society is showing a equality in the roles of men and women, that is creating a push for this trend forecast.

Figure One: (Davis 2011, p.46)

In addition, with the rise of people working from home brings a greater work and home mix, thus, men spending a lot of their time at home and getting more of a say in how the interiors are designed. I feel that homes will start to reflect a male presence and decoration will become more masculine. The mood board reflects this prediction and draws upon the male influence. The furniture will become strong and heavy. A feminine touch will remain in the decoration and soft furnishings with classy wallpapers, timeless fabrics and a subtle touch of colour being applied.

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