Trend Prediction: Spring Summer 2015

February 17, 2014

Bleached Driftwood

Bleached Driftwood is an decorative off set of the predicted Fall/Winter 14 trend, Back to Nature trend. With people buying natural materials and being more environmentally aware this trend depicts the colour schemes and style that I predict for a near future interior design trend.

A follow on from the recent popular industrial style, this trend will have functional furnishings, and warn out but stylish influences. This trend brings together washed out fabrics, subtle tones, driftwood style furnishings and natural materials. With people looking for longevity in interior design, Bleached Driftwood provides a timeless look that is cheap to create yet stylish in appearance.

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A Kitsch Fairytale

This trend I have named ‘A Kitsch Fairytale’, is a combination of a number of elements. This trend prediction is inspired from popular culture and how its influence is creating a new trend.

The popular culture of the contemporary Eastern world is having an increasing influence on us. To begin, the Korean pop star Psy and his hit Gangnam Style took the world by storm. I feel the impact it has had on the world is bringing a popularity to this genre of pop and it will filter down into the design world. The fashion sense in the Gangnam style video is reflective of the K-Pop style – neon, retro, colour and sparkle. Fashion always has a large impact on interior design trends and if this remains popular we may see this be transferred into our homes.

In association to this, Japanese street fashion is known to be individual and extravagant. Japanese street fashion is about the freedom to dress how they want and to fight against conformity. The idea is becoming more and more popular and is now a craze in Japan.

‘It is characteristic of a strong desire for personal transformation through fashion and dress.’ (Fukai & Vinken 2010 ,p.116)

This fashion sense has already began to emerge in the streets of Britain. People are beginning to be more individual and taking on board the above belief of the Japanese.

The popularity of the kitsch, pop and fun elements of Japanese fashion and Korean pop music videos may come down to the ever impacting economic situation. The recession has played a large part in the reasons behind many of the current interior design trends. It could be said that this trend prediction is an escapism from the down fall, and the bright colours, cheery personality and fight of conformity are helping people get back on their feet.

The final factor that has inspired the thought for this trend is the rise of kitsch items like robots and garden gnomes. The latest advert by IKEA has caused a lot of discussions and even controversy where people have complained about the killing of the garden gnomes. The advert has had an ironic, opposite effect whereby gnomes have become popular again.

I predict the combination of these elements will bring a trend that will help people recover from the hard times of the recession and people wont take themselves so seriously. The trend will branch into interior design and decoration will become bright and colourful and furnishings will be kitsch, retro, fun and a bit out there!


Images Via:

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