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January 11, 2013

H & M have four new trends for Spring 2013. Their Home products are known to be fun and colourful. H & M provide affordable yet tasteful interior accessories to brighten any home and to bring it up to date. Their trends and product styling photographs are all well linked to current interior design trends. Here are the four new trends below:

Feminine Florals:

Feminine Floral FeminineFloral

Sophisticated Nature:

Sophisticated Nature SophisticatedNature

Urban Lounge:

UrbanLounge Urban Lounge

Flamingo Fun:

FlamingoFun Flamingo Fun


Images Via:

H & M Home: http://www.hm.com/gb/department/HOME


As part as my MA Interior Design I am researching into how people are changing the way they use their homes. If you have time please complete the quick survey below. Thank you!



With the industrial interior design trend has come a large amount of lighting designs based upon the simple light bulb. Following on from the Lee Broom post with his decorative, intricate lighting based upon the light bulb, I have found lighting designs with a more naive style to them yet still transform the simple light bulb in a contemporary and great way.


Samuel Wilkinson





Images Via:

1. Samuel Wilkinson: http://samuelwilkinson.com/plumen/

2. Mattias Stahlbom: http://www.muuto.com/collection/E27_Pendant_Lamp/

3. Sabrina Fossi: http://clarens-23.wix.com/sabrina_fossi2#!