Decorating With… Pink

September 19, 2012

Pink is usually associated with all things girly and feminine but used in the correct way this colour can transform an interior.

Pink is perfect as an accent colour and combining it with whites, neutrals, browns or with the correct shades of green the colour can create harmonious schemes. My favourite are dusty pinks teamed up with neutral tones. My bedroom is decorated with this combination and although it has a feminine touch the dark dusty pink gives the room an elegant and inviting feel.

Paler pinks are most often associated with a girly bedroom, and the colour always works well for this especially teamed with white furniture, cute bunting and pretty accessories. On the other hand, pale pinks are great for creating an airy and light space. For decorating an entire room pink, light pinks are perfect as the space won’t look too intense. Pale pinks would be ideal for a country cottage interior.

In contrast to pale pinks, strong and bright pinks work well when designing a playful and striking interior. Shades of fuchsia or shocking pink are ideal for using on a feature wall or in accessories teamed up with whites or alongside other bright colours for an extra wow factor if you are feeling brave!

Another lovely way of decorating with pink is using coral tones with either light blue or yellows for a fresh scheme or combine coral with browns for an inviting and attractive space. Peachy pinks and beige-pinks are lovely shades that can be used for creating an elegant and sophisticated space. These pinks would look lovely in a dressing room teamed up with classy furniture and mirrored accessories.

Used in the correct way pinks can add drama and elegance to an interior and produce a variety of interior looks. It is a versatile colour with an endless selection of possible colour combinations to suit any taste.

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