Decorating With… Creams & Beiges

August 14, 2012

Creams and beiges often get accused of being dull or unimaginative colour choices but there are plenty of lovely shades out there make a room look striking. Try Zoffany and Dulux paints, they have some gorgeous neutral tones. Creams and beiges are an old and simple choice but it really can look stylish used in the correct way.

To stop beige spaces looking flat, combining a variety of neutral colours creates a calming and sophisticated interior. What always works is having a feature wall in a luxurious, darker beige shade and the rest of the walls in a lighter neutral tone. Try using bold accents to make the space appear more interesting, for example, an interior can look really smart when beige is teamed up with blacks or greys.

The great thing about decorating in a neutral colour scheme is that they can be mixed with any other colour, ideal for keeping up to date with the latest trends or changing your interior to how you feel.  Additionally it is the perfect colour scheme for people who are afraid of using colour, as colour can just be added through accents and accessories.

An additional way to ensure a neutral colour scheme is designed to its full potential is to decorate the room with textures and pattern. By layering with different textures a beige interior is made instantly more attractive. Adding small details in the patterns you choose and using a chunky cream knitted throw, jute flooring, light linen curtains for example, would provide the room with more depth.

Beige is my favourite colour for its versatility, calm and warm qualities and stylish outcomes.

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