Decorating With… Grey

August 6, 2012

Decorating with grey is a very classy and in trend option. This sophisticated colour is said to be the new beige and creates a very contemporary interior. Although it is known to be a dull colour, used in the correct way it can create a truly stunning space.

To give an otherwise flat grey interior depth and to keep it light, introduce a variety of light sources to ensure the space isn’t flat. Additionally decorating with a range of grey tones and adding a variety of textural accessories can provide a more interesting grey scheme.

Grey schemes can be either warm or cool. Warm greys have a hint of yellow which provides a cosier space, whereas cool greys have a hint of blue, giving a lighter, cooler appearance. Warm greys are ideal if you have a large room that can be decorated in a darker grey, to give it real impact. Additionally warm greys look lovely with beige to create a real true warm and welcoming home. Cool greys provide a more contemporary design scheme. The shades are often used in those gorgeous Scandinavian interiors that are light, bright and although grey, inviting.

This colour scheme creates a calming and elegant mood to a home, which can be updated to work with any other colour. Why not try grey and yellow, this is a brilliant combination of colours, that has a striking effect. My favourite greys have to be from Farrow & Balls paint collection, especially, ‘Pavilion Gray’ and ‘Light Room Gray’.



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One Response to “Decorating With… Grey”

  1. so beautiful! I love grey … its so sophisticated!

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