Decorating With… White

July 30, 2012

Decorating an interior white is timeless and a versatile choice. It is the ideal colour for giving the illusion of space or creating a light and airy interior. The colour is ideal for updating your home with the latest trends by using it as a base and changing the accessories and soft furnishings, or, for decorating in accordance to the different times of the year by using suitable textures, for example, woollen throws in the winter and linens in the summer. Adding a variety of textures is what gives a white interior character and by using a mixture of textiles, materials and surfaces makes an otherwise disinteresting and plain interior inviting and attractive.

A white interior can also be saved from being stark and plain by using different shades of the colour. Different tones of white can create a variety of feelings within a room. Yellow tones create a warmer interior, ideal for the more traditional home; whereas blue tones give a more contemporary and cooling look. By using a combination of white tones and different textures, you can create a striking home with the relaxing sense that the colour white provides.

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