Interior Trend: Crochet & Knit

June 24, 2012

Although the summer is now upon us, all things knitted and crocheted are still proving popular. I think it is their comforting qualities and the fact that like in summer fashion, crochet pieces provide a balance of lightness yet warmth from a breeze on the beach and all important stylishness. The popularity of knitted and crochet items has come from the current economic climate, with people returning to ‘make do and mend’ and making products by hand. Designers have taken these traditional techniques and brought them into today’s designs. This trend isn’t just suiting of neutral schemes but it is also brought together with the current pastel and brights trend. These items are ideal for creating a summer interior that is relaxed, fresh and airy that still provides warmth on a cool summer’s night.






Images Via:

1.  Occa Home:

2. Christien Meindertsma:

3. 95 percent Danish:

4. Also Home:

5. Paola Lenti:


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