Interior Trends: 2012 Trend Predictions

January 5, 2012

With Christmas gone, and the new year now here, the interior design world brings the emergence of new trends, and the continuation of last year’s favourites. So here are some new trends which I think will be popular in 2012. Over the coming months I will be sharing with you my favourite designs that reflect these trends, if my predictions are correct!

Firstly the continuation of Handmade and Folk:








Pastel & Neon:




Images Via:

1.  Niki Jones:

2. Primrose & Plum:

3. Little Pieces at Not On the High Street:

4. Sanderson:

5. Hanne Rysgaard Ceramics:

6. Bodie & Fou:


4 Responses to “Interior Trends: 2012 Trend Predictions”

  1. I like the Britishness trend (but then I would…), and totally agree with the whole “crafts”/home-made look.

    And the orange trimphone still looks so cool, even though landlines are on the way out.

  2. Hi Erika, you are on the button with the folk/handmade trend and they bright patterns and colours. These are on trend for this year in the contract interior world but won’t filter down for about a year or so to the domestic market. Have a read of my blog for an insight into the contract side of the trends for 12/13.

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