Interior Trend: Industrial Design

October 17, 2011

This trend for industrial styled items has been around for a while, however, it is still dominating interior stores so thought I would show you my favourite industrial pieces for the home.

This style falls under the major current utilitarian trend for its stripped back appeal and functional, non- decorative characteristics and follows on nicely to my previous trend post. For example, image no. 1 which combines reclaimed timber and metal for a more edgy look, bringing the craftsmanship and raw materials from my previous trend post, together with industrial materials.

This trend is all about taking something of an old industrial piece and revamping it or in some cases, pieces are just made to look in that industrial way – my personal favourite – Original BTC. (

I feel this industrial look would best suit a kitchen as it is a space for functionality and practicality. This trend adds sophistication to functionality and would be ideal for creating a casual, contemporary interior.






Images Via:

1. Baker Bedford:

2. Plumo:

3. Cox & Cox:

4. Rose & Grey:

5. Orginal BTC at Graham & Green:

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One Response to “Interior Trend: Industrial Design”

  1. NordicBliss Says:

    I’ve never heard of baker and bedford or plumo before. Have to go check them out. Cox and Cox are my favourite English interior shop.

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