Interior Trends: Handmade & Traditional Craftsmanship

September 19, 2011

Since the recent recession interior design trends have had to adapt around the economic climate. It can be seen that function and practicality now comes above sophistication in interiors and people have looked back to better times, bringing tradition and authenticity into their homes. This trend sees old craftsmanship techniques and raw materials being applied into modern day design and well known traditional styles of furniture being adjusted for modern day living. This latest interior style highlights the importance of longevity within interior products, and buying these high quality handmade products compared to the mass produced items that we have long been accustomed means that products are now being built to last.

With the beginning of autumn upon us I thought this trend epitomises how warmth, comfort and tradition can be brought into your home in these coming months, to create a sense of security in the current financial instability. To create an interior that is not only cosy for the autumn months but timeless and designed to last, chunky knit throws, handmade products and pieces of furniture that evoke childhood memories are ideal. Below highlight some examples of this continuing interior trend.








Images Via:

1. Graham & Green:

2. Laura Ashley:

3. The White Company:

4. Designed In England:

5. The White Company:

6. Not Mass Produced:

7. Raft:


2 Responses to “Interior Trends: Handmade & Traditional Craftsmanship”

  1. NordicBliss Says:

    What a nice little blog you have here. That picture from the White Company looks just perfect for an autumn evening. I’d love to sit in front of that fire right now.

  2. Thank you. I agree, it looks so warm and inviting!

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