Since the recent recession interior design trends have had to adapt around the economic climate. It can be seen that function and practicality now comes above sophistication in interiors and people have looked back to better times, bringing tradition and authenticity into their homes. This trend sees old craftsmanship techniques and raw materials being applied into modern day design and well known traditional styles of furniture being adjusted for modern day living. This latest interior style highlights the importance of longevity within interior products, and buying these high quality handmade products compared to the mass produced items that we have long been accustomed means that products are now being built to last.

With the beginning of autumn upon us I thought this trend epitomises how warmth, comfort and tradition can be brought into your home in these coming months, to create a sense of security in the current financial instability. To create an interior that is not only cosy for the autumn months but timeless and designed to last, chunky knit throws, handmade products and pieces of furniture that evoke childhood memories are ideal. Below highlight some examples of this continuing interior trend.








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Interior Trend: Animals

September 9, 2011

Although I believe that a home should be designed and decorated to the occupant’s taste, with their personality being reflected within the interior, I still follow the latest trends within interior design as they can provide a lot of inspiration and a basis to work around for a project.

Lately I have noticed that a lot of home stores are following the continuing trend of animals in interior design products. It is not just animal prints but now animal shaped items are moving into trend, with stores creating all sorts of strange, exciting and quirky pieces for the home. This trend is an attachment to the latest look for homes that should continue into 2012 – Neo Victorian style. In the Victorian era there was an interest with the natural world and people brought the outside world into their homes through displaying items such as stags heads and creatures. This historic influence has now been interpreted into contemporary interior design.

The finds below are not only fun but are unusual pieces to provide an individual finishing touch to your home.


2. These dog shaped cushions are an ideal accessory for any animal lover. Something I love is handmade products and these cushions are handmade in Britain and the print is a hand drawn illustration screen printed onto fabric. These cute cushions are available in different colours and breed of dog such as Scottie, West Highland Terrier and Basset Hound. Available from Quietly Eccentric on for £26.25.


4. These door stops are becoming a design classic. Handmade and available in a range of designs from the Union Jack to Tickling Stripe, each one of these cute door stops would suit a different home décor. Available from Ella James on for £24.


6. Something for the children’s bedroom or play room. These owl cushions with an embroidered design and cute pom pom trim provide a bright and bold alternative to the usual children prints available on the market. Available from Graham & Green for £35 each.


8. One of the more quirky finds is these animal lights. They do have a required taste but would look great in a home with an eclectic style and décor.

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Item of the week…

September 5, 2011

I move back home to Cornwall at the end of this month and so this weeks’ item of the week is applicable to my move. Welbeck Tiles, Britain’s leading handmade tile company have a distinctive collection that captures the characteristics and beautiful surroundings of Cornwall. The collection of tiles are prints of 1950s advertisements and postcards of famous Cornish landmarks, creating a range of unique and vintage tiles which would look perfect in any country kitchen, placed next to a traditional fireplace or to create a feature of a wall. Welbeck Tiles also provide the alternative service of having your own postcards printed, creating more individual and highly original tiles. The tiles would also make great holiday mementoes of your holidays by framing and mounting them to take pride of place in your home. With the latest trends looking at the subject of nostalgia and interior pieces with longevity, these truly vintage tiles are not only in trend but will continue to bring charm and memories to your home for years to come.

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Love… Niki Jones

September 1, 2011

Niki Jones sums up what I love – handmade interior products. All of the products at Niki Jones are handmade by skilled craftspeople from all around the world including Iceland, Moroccan and Indian. Being handmade each item has a special touch as each one will be different in its appearance. I feel with the items being carefully designed and handcrafted each product has longevity and a sense of meaning, important points people think about when buying interior furnishings in these recession hit times. It is no wonder Niki Jones has risen in popularity in the last couple of years as people buy gorgeous, unique pieces they can keep in their homes for years to come. Niki Jones’ tag line, ‘Fill your home with stories’, does reflect how your home should be decorated. Something that is reflective of you, your tastes, style and personality, not just living according to what is in trend. It is always great to be in trend, however, is great to add items into your home that do reflect this tag line of filling a home with stories, a trinket box you received as a present, a cushion cover from a holiday… Niki Jones does just this by designing items that fill a home with individuality and a talking piece within the home. The meaning behind Niki Jones’ products is that no item they have is the same, all having their own story and history in design, allowing you to bring a piece of India, Morocco, Iceland into your home. Have a look at some of my favourites from Niki Jones…

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